What Karabiner will provide

Starting Point:
We assume you already have product(s) for sell, and wanted to sell products.

Marketing Service:*
If you already have product(s), you may already have customer image for your product(s). Please let us help you to "your customer image" become real customer names, as Marketing Service.

Strategic Approach Planning:*
Once you have customer names, we need to work together for categorization of customers such as joint development, product sell, contract of license or any categorization. After approach plan for each category, and pinned pilot customer who we go to approach as first customer case in the market.

Tactical Approach and Sales:
After we made plan to approach each category of customers and pinned first pilot customer(s), we start approach customer, and will create champion (pin hole) who has sympathy of your product inside of customer organization.

Marketing & Strategic Plan

The key of penetration to the Japan

Your customer image will become real customer names (customer list), and need filtering and categorizing those customers mashing with your strategy (business model & revenue generate model).

Nail down first customer from this categorized customer list.

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