Customer Cases Example

A British SONET/SDH software provider:
-Initiate discussion with Japanese top (and large) SONET/SDH switch vender.
-To finalize the over US$1M deal go through IP conflict legal issue with override top down decision.

An American data mining algorithms company:
-They created unique data mining algorithms which is able to use for security, packet shaping, and other purposes.
-Search and initiate discussions of M&A with Japanese investors and angels.
-Finalized M&A and investment with Japanese companies, and start up new company at US with US$6.5M and continues investment.

A Korean VDSL vender:
-To promote and discussions with Japanese integrators and resellers to create first customer cases for Japan market.
-To finalize first implemented customer case with Japanese integrator for apartment complex company with 1,500 units of VDSL DSLAM and modems for each room at apartment.

An Israeli IP switching vender:
-Initiate discussion with Japanese major network equipment venders.
-Set initial meeting set up with top management of Japanese equipment venders.

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