Consulting Service of Karabiner

We Karabiner Inc have been established 2001, and Karabiner Corporation (K.K. Karabiner at Japan) established 2009, to provide business development consulting firm for foreign organizations and companies who wants to penetrate Japanese market. We provide our services to several foreign companies over decade.

Lately, Japanese economic are shrinking down and GDP rank had been down from 2nd to 3rd position at worldwide. Especially electronics industries are shrinking down drastically such as Panasonic, SONY, Sharp and such. Hence, some of foreign companies think they do not need presence nor considering to have office at Japan.

However, the other hand, Japan is still 3rd largest economy worldwide, and very strong at raw materials (66% at worldwide), parts (35% at worldwide), and manufacturing machines (50% worldwide). Also, there are lot of major market players for automotive, medical machine, heavy industries, power plant, and et cetra. Those industries and companies are keen to look for new technologies/products/software which provide breakthrough their products and services.

We believe Japan market has significant valuable for foreign companies who has key technologies and solutions for those strong Japanese companies. We provide virtual liaison office, sales rep, and presence for your company, and will becomes your bridge for the Japan market.

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